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Artist-at-Work Demonstrations

The Artist-at-Work program features an artist or group of artists who demonstrate their craft in a high-traffic area of the library. The artist performs two demonstrations in a one-month period, usually on Saturdays. One demonstration takes place at Central Library and one at a community library.

Artist at Work November 2017

Bead Stitching
with Sharl G. Smith

Saturday, November 4 from 1 pm to 3 pm
Grand River Stanley Park

Saturday, November 18 from 1 pm to 3 pm
Central Library

Sharl Smith's dual inclinations for mathematical details and experimental creative expression led her to study and practice architecture for 10 years. Her love of three-dimensional structural design on a smaller scale, namely, jewellry-making and sculptural bead art, led her to bead art.

Entirely self-taught, Sharl experiments with new designs for creating intricate jewellery and building ever larger art objects. Her love of organic form, vibrant colour, geometry, and modern design culminates in her passion for the art of bead-stitching. She looks forward to sharing her joy of bead-stitching with you.

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Interested in demonstrating your artwork at the library?

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