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Guest Librarian

Every three months, we invite a member of the public to serve a three-month term volunteering as our Guest Librarian. Engaged, connected, and committed to community, our Guest Librarians will bring fresh ideas to us, and act as library ambassadors in their neighbourhoods.


Robin Mazumder

Robin Mazumder

Hi, I’m Robin Mazumder. I’ll be your Guest Librarian over the winter months! I am currently a PhD candidate in cognitive neuroscience at the University of Waterloo.

Before I started my PhD, I worked as an occupational therapist in community mental health.  I also taught university courses in mental health and I even ran a start-up accelerator for a while too. I am also very interested in cities and community building. My work as an occupational therapist and my passion for cities inform my current research where I am examining the relationship between urban design and mental health. I think there is still a lot to learn when it comes to understanding how living in a city influences the way we feel.

During my time as Guest Librarian, I’ll be focusing on the topic of healthy cities. In January, I’ll be hosting a panel discussion involving experts in the field. Be sure to sign up!

I regularly write about issues of urban design and cities on my blog:

Twitter icon @robinmazumder


Robin Suggests

These are just a few of Robin's favourite reads, all available at Kitchener Public Library.


Healthy City Panel Discussion

Wednesday, January 18 at 7 pm
Central Library

Join me for a discussion on how cities contribute to our health!

We’ll hear from experts in the field and have a discussion on ways we can make Kitchener a vibrant, healthy and happy city. Panelists include Dr. Colin Ellard (Psychology) and Dr. Leia Minaker (Planning) from the University of Waterloo. Come with ideas and an open mind!

You must register to attend this event. Click here to register.