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Soldier Information Cards

To honour the courageous men and women of Waterloo County who served Canada in the First and Second World Wars, Kitchener Public Library staff created Soldier Information Cards. The cards were created during and shortly after each war, using newspaper and magazine clippings, photographs, and information contributed by returning soldiers and their families.

Index of World War I Soldier Information Cards

Index of World War II Soldier Information Cards

Due to the fragile nature of the original Soldier Information Cards, access to the collection is limited. You may view a digital collection of World War I Soldier Information Cards. Please consult library staff for inquiries about Soldier Information Cards from the Second World War.



Digital Collections

Due to the generous commitment of over 100 library volunteers, we have been able to digitize many of our Soldier Information Cards and other wartime photographs.

World War I Soldier Information Cards

A fully-searchable, digital collection of World War I Soldier Information Cards can be viewed online.  New soldier cards are being added to the collection on a regular basis, so be sure to visit often. If you are able to add details to a soldier’s story, please click “Comment on this item” while viewing the card to let us know.

View the World War I Soldier Information Card collection

Soldiers of Waterloo County

A collection of photographs of Waterloo County men and women who proudly served our country during the First World War of 1914-1918 and the Second World War of 1939-1945.

View the Soldiers of Waterloo County exhibit