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Strategic Plan

Our Vision

We will be a community hub for ideas; a place where people are free to explore, learn and share. Conversations will begin. Creativity will follow. Our spaces will welcome everyone, with programs and resources that enrich the community. We will inspire trust through excellent service. Our focus will always be the people we serve.

Our Mission

Kitchener Public Library brings people and ideas together. We welcome you to a place of discovery, learning and play.

Our Values

Creating Opportunities

Literacy is more than reading. It’s about finding and using information, learning new technology, understanding numbers and developing thinking skills. We help people of all ages develop the basic and complex skills needed in today’s world.

Serving the Community

People are at the centre of all we do. Everyone is welcome, and each person is valued. We listen carefully to those we serve and respond to what we hear. Our goal is outstanding customer service.

Working Together

We engage with our community and contribute to a culture of social good. When we share knowledge and resources, everyone comes out ahead. By working with others, the Library can achieve results that would not have been possible alone.

Honouring Ideas

We champion the right for ideas to be heard, questions asked, and words expressed without censorship. Intellectual freedom is a fundamental right. The Library also respects a person’s right to privacy. We are leaders in a community where knowledge is cherished.

Welcoming Everyone

The Library is more than a building; we are also online and out in the community. We do whatever we can to help people access all that we have to offer. This shapes how we design our spaces, our collections and our programs.

Inspiring Change

We nurture curiosity and celebrate imagination. As a member of Canada’s technology triangle, we value innovation. To keep pace with change and remain relevant to our users, we will continue to explore new ideas and services. The Library is always evolving.

Using Resources Wisely

We manage public resources with the utmost care. Our staff select and maintain materials based on professional standards. We preserve items of historical value, as well as items of importance to our future. We are guardians of a community treasure.

Our Strategic Initiatives

Our Future

We will ensure that the Library remains a vital community resource. We will build community support for our collections, programs and services. We will cultivate City Council’s support for sustained funding. We will explore other funding opportunities.

Our Services

We will offer resources linked to people’s interests. We will create dynamic programs to inform and entertain. Our services will be designed to meet community needs.

Our Community

We will make it easy for people to use the library. Our staff will provide great service and earn trust. We will ensure the library is relevant to people at every stage of life. Our customers will be at the centre of every decision.

Our Creativity

We will be known for our unique collections, services and programs. We will explore new ideas and new technologies. We will create a culture of curiosity and discovery. We will reshape the Library to meet the future.

Our Partners

We will work with, and alongside, volunteers and other community groups to reach more people. We will value our existing relationships. We will seek new opportunities and new partnerships. We will share our resources and expertise.

Our Message

We will communicate clearly. We will engage library users in conversation. We will look for new and creative ways to connect with our community. We will reach out to people who don’t know about our services. We will listen and respond.

Our Places

We will create welcoming spaces. We will explore new ways to bring the library into the community. We will expand our services online. We will do our very best to ensure that the library can be accessed by everyone. The Library will evolve to meet changes in the community.

Strategic Plan 2014 - 2016
2016 Business Plan
2014 Annual Report