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Virtual Reality

Explore exciting new worlds and environments! Our virtual reality system features unique experiences ranging from deep sea exploration to outer space adventures, minigolf and virtual art.

Who can use virtual reality?


Getting Started

Before using virtual reality for the first time, you must watch a short video describing how the system works. After watching the video, you must sign an agreement acknowledging the rules, terms and conditions for using the system. You will only need to do this once.


Get Started




Setting Up a Session

There are two ways to set up a virtual reality session. *

By Telephone
Call us at 519-743-7502 to reserve a time slot.

Staff at the virtual reality station can inform you of the next available time slot.

* Before using the virtual reality system, you will need to have watched the introductory video and signed the user agreement. These steps can be completed by clicking the "Get Started" button above, or in-person at the library.