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85 Green

We are excited to announce our newest venture, 85 Green!

85 Green is a series of initiatives that will promote nutritional literacy and help us learn and grow together toward a more sustainable community.


85 Green Learning Garden

Located in the Sheriff John Motz Courtyard at Central Library, the Learning Garden will be a place where people can come together to plant and care for vegetables, while building strong social ties.

Over the summer, people of all ages and backgrounds will have the opportunity to participate through programs, events, and hands-on learning and activities.

Learn more about the Garden


Honey Bee Hives

Honey bees provide crucial pollination services for both edible and non-edible plants in our community and our world. Colony Collapse Disorder (CDC), a worldwide phenomenon, has been devastating honey bee populations worldwide for years. Our hives will serve as learning opportunities for our community, a platform for education and conversation about the importance of honey bees and other pollinators.

There are two bee hives at Central Library. They are located on the green roof, and are visible from the second floor of the library.

Learn more about bee hives at KPL (pdf)