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Art Exhibits

Visit the lower level of Central Library to view the talents of local artists.

Art Gallery

Floral Abstract Paintings by Kiran Aslam

Splashes & Lines: Floral Abstract Paintings by Kiran Aslam

Opening Reception: Thursday, December 5 at 7 pm

Kiran is an abstract artist who hopes to capture an individual’s stories and dreams from a visual stream of sub-consciousness into her work of art.

Most often her paintings start with a set colour scheme in mind. However, complete freedom, expression, rhythm and energy are essential elements in her work as she plays with colors, chasing the harmony of order and beauty.

Kiran has been painting since a young age. She began Triad Art Design as an outlet to express herself. It took a turn when people started to inquire and purchase her art for home decor. 

All forms of nature fascinates her. She is particularly inspired by bold and bright colours that nature brings in the form of spring blooms, open meadows, beaches, and ocean's coral reefs.


Theatre Lobby + Digital Wall

Soulmates by Ilija (William) Males

Soulmates: Computer & Artist: Ilija (William) Males

Raised in Bosnia, Serbia, Ilija Males always wanted to paint. He became a math teacher instead.

Creating digital images began soon after moving to Canada in 1996, after buying his first computer.  He was amazed at how the computer became such a useful aid in crafting his creations, how colours and details could be so easily changed.

"My pictures are made with digital technology. They are rich in colours of nature, flowers, leaves, fruits and vegetables," Ilija says. "I discovered the way to paint through digital technology and I made over 40,000 paintings in 20 years."

His paintings are both geometric and bio metric abstract, formed from his math background as well as using microscopic bits of different colour.


Interested in displaying your artwork at the library?

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