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Digital Living September 2021 - Photography


Say cheese! According the to the Guardian, we take an average of 450 selfies each year. It makes sense since these days cellphones make photography easy, and we’re capturing slices of life in every moment. Taking photos has never been easier, but are you taking quality photos? According to Forbes, photos have lost their value. This month, we’re highlighting materials that teach you about photography and how to take a shot that you’ll want to look back on again and again. We’ll guide you through portraiture, still life photography and the nitty gritty technical details.  

Want to take your learning to the next level? Capture some information from the galleries below, then join us Tuesday September 28 for Stay Savvy: Cell Phone Photography. You’ll learn how to use your smart phone to take great photos and capture daily moments and special occasions. We’ll teach you about light, composition, focus and more. Register today!

Strike a Pose

Walking down the runway vibes. This playlist is inspired by moments of confidence and fashion, where you can hear the snapshots of cameras as you strut. Take it in darling, all eyes are drinking in the fabulousness that is you.