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At Digital Living we are launching into the new year by highlighting Indigenous filmmakers, authors, musicians and their impact on popular culture in Canada. Join our exploration by watching a film made by eight Inuit youth exploring their lives. Open yourself up to the many possibilities in our online world, learn and grow with us as we explore Indigenous Peoples' role in our modern culture and our history.

Read a powerful memoir about a Cree boy coming to age in Alberta, or embrace the farcical tones of the magic realism novel Motorcycles and Sweetgrass set on a Anishnawbe reserve where a trickster is making life interesting.

Listen to a wide variety of Indigenous musicians, such as A Tribe Called Red, whose music is known for combining hip hop, reggae and dubstep with components of Indigenous music or try Longhouse who heavily blends traditional Indigenous music with contemporary musicality.  Our “Indigenous Perspectives” playlist highlights the artists in one convenient place to listen. Anywhere. Anytime.