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Thank you to everyone who attended the DIY Festival!

The event took place on Saturday, October 20, 2018 at Central Library. A summary of presentations and vendors can be found below.

Hands-On Workshops

Curating an Imperfect Home
with Lemontree Interiors


Decorating with antiques, vintage pieces and hand me downs can be tricky and end up looking disorganized and cluttered. Knowing how and when to introduce the right pieces, will add warmth, character and a reflection of your personality.  After all, isn’t that is what a home should be?

Chalk Paint 101
with Kathie Jordan

Kathie Jordan comes to us from Kathie Jordan Design and ArtHaus150. Kathie has trained with Annie Sloan herself and several other great trainers through her distributor and also with decorative painter Jim Connelly. She is going to show you how easy it is to create a beautiful piece of furniture out of something that may seem lack lustre. Using chalk paint and wax, learn about the possibilities and bring home a painted sample!

The Imperfection of Creativity
with Doug Kirton

We often hear of art spoken and written about in lofty terms such as "beauty" and "perfection". But can imperfection be a creative force in itself? Doug will discuss how some selected historical and contemporary examples of imperfection have influenced his thinking about art, and particularly how it has played a generative role in his recent paintings.

Exhibitors in the Lounge

Several vendors and exhibitors took part in the DIY Festival, sharing DIY stories, tips & tricks, and helping to inspire new ideas!

Applied Elegance
Arda Wigs
Critical Media Lab
Flite Craft Model Co. Inc.
Heffner Studio
Kitchener Master Gardeners
Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery
KW Library of Things
Mermaid Springs Pottery
Nordquist Electronics
Schneider Haus
The Museum
True Grist Homebrewing Club
Woot Suit Riot