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Dorothy Shoemaker Award Winners

Podcast Studio

Congratulations to the winners of this year's Dorothy Shoemaker Awards! Thank you to everyone who took part.

Can Rocks Learn: A philosophical investigation into the nature of learning

1st Prize, 2020 Dorothy Shoemaker Awards

From an intriguing old-timey introduction to an exceptionally clear and focused topic, this “philosophical investigation into the nature of learning” is a well-considered podcast worth tuning in for. The podcast host (Mo?) is both a knowledgeable and a polished presenter. With a background in theatre and performance studies, she presents a clear and well-structured episode that includes an introduction, defined segments, and end credits. And as someone with 23 years in the school system, this topic seems to come form a place of genuine inquiry. The ideas discussed in this pilot episode are engaging and relevant to anyone who has experience within the Ontario school system. The soundscape is both creative and professionally executed, making use of music, interviews, and periodic sound effects. Overall, this is an excellent production with great potential for the entire series. It makes effective use of the host’s knowledge, guest interviews and sound effects, and meets all the technical requirements for publication and radio broadcast.


Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation


Dorothy Shoemaker