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My Library Story

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My Library Story: Anita Woodard

Anita Woodard

Many years ago, my grandfather passed away. He was an avid photographer and due to his work (diplomacy for the Canadian Navy), he and my grandmother travelled the world extensively. When he died, I inherited a large collection of slides of the photos he had taken from the 60s through the 80s. But as they were slides and I didn’t have any way of projecting them, they stayed in a box for a long time.

Enter the library.

My husband has been enjoying the new Heffner Studio space at Central Library, using the 3D printers for tools for the Dungeons and Dragons sessions he runs for our son and his friends. When he was there one time, he noticed the slide scanners in the studio. He brought a single box of slides, about 20 of them, and scanned them in to test how it would work.

Amazingly enough, it turns out that box contained photos of Game 6 of the Summit Series - the Canada-Russia hockey games, this one in Russia. My grandfather was apparently centre ice, about halfway up the stands. I got a call from my husband, asking when my grandfather was stationed in Moscow. I said that it must have been the early 70s because I had memories of being a very young girl when they brought me a fur coat from Russia. That confirmed it for him. He double-checked the photos of the scoreboard with Google and was able to call it - it was Game 6.

We’ve subsequently scanned the rest of the slides. My grandmother and grandfather and even my Dad have all passed away, but my aunt and I have gone over the photos and that little piece of family history is now safely stored in a digital form. Thanks to the library, I have new pictures to restore, print and share with future generations!


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